When was Kamahl born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kamahl was born on November 13, 1934, in Malaysia.

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Q: When was Kamahl born?
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What is the birth name of Kamahl?

Kamahl's birth name is Kamaleswaran Mayilvaganam.

What actors and actresses appeared in African Solution - 2003?

The cast of African Solution - 2003 includes: Kamahl Kamahl as Voice

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Garruk Wildspeaker; Kamahl, Fist of Krosa; Ant Queen

What actors and actresses appeared in Harvie Krumpet - 2003?

The cast of Harvie Krumpet - 2003 includes: Kamahl as Statue of Horace John Flaus as Harvie Geoffrey Rush as Narrator

What actors and actresses appeared in Glam to Sham - 2005?

The cast of Glam to Sham - 2005 includes: David Clendenning as Narrator Kurt Sanders as Kamahl Jennings Karie Stadtmoller as Peggy Akins

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What actors and actresses appeared in Journey Out of Darkness - 1967?

The cast of Journey Out of Darkness - 1967 includes: Kamahl as Aboriginal Captive Nikutjilbi as Chief Betty Campbell as Mrs. Jubbal Donald Campbell as Son of Jubbal Ed Devereaux as Jubbal Konrad Matthaei as Peterson Ronald Morse as Sergeant Miller

What movie and television projects has Kamahl been in?

Kamahl has: Played himself in "Adelaide Tonight" in 1959. Played Aboriginal Captive in "Journey Out of Darkness" in 1967. Played himself in "Telethon" in 1968. Played Peter Cass in "The Rovers" in 1969. Played himself in "Stars on Sunday" in 1969. Played Gloster in "Ned Kelly" in 1970. Played himself in "Postcards" in 1995. Played Indian Boss in "Fat Pizza" in 2003. Played himself in "Australian Idol" in 2003. Played Voice in "African Solution" in 2003. Played Statue of Horace in "Harvie Krumpet" in 2003. Performed in "African Solution" in 2003. Played himself in "Spicks and Specks" in 2005. Played Himself - Audience Member in "The X Factor" in 2005. Played himself in "Emirates Melbourne Cup Day" in 2006. Played Dr. Bandari in "Offspring" in 2010.

What actors and actresses appeared in News Review - 2006?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Adelaide Tonight - 1959?

The cast of Adelaide Tonight - 1959 includes: Kamahl as himself Roger Cardwell as himself Oscar Cartier as himself Kevin Crease as himself Joan Disher as herself Jackie Ellison as herself Ian Fairweather as himself Leona Gay as herself Marilyn Hearne as herself Graham Kennedy as himself Paula Kitson as herself Billy Raymond as himself Ernie Sigley as himself Denny Snowden as himself Hal Turner as himself Pam Western as herself Anne Wills as herself