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Julius Theodore Melchers was born in 1829.

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Q: When was Julius Theodore Melchers born?
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When did Julius Theodore Melchers die?

Julius Theodore Melchers died in 1908.

When was Hans Melchers born?

Hans Melchers was born in 1938.

When was Claudia Melchers born?

Claudia Melchers was born in 1969.

When was Paul Melchers born?

Paul Melchers was born in 1813.

When was Gari Melchers born?

Gari Melchers was born on 1860-08-11.

When was Marie Melchers born?

Marie Melchers was born on 1939-04-13.

When was Mirjam Melchers born?

Mirjam Melchers was born on 1975-09-26.

When was Tjeerd Melchers born?

Tjeerd Melchers was born on February 24, 1995, in Castricum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

When did Paul Melchers die?

Paul Melchers died in 1895.

When was Gari Melchers Home created?

Gari Melchers Home was created in 1916.

When did Gari Melchers die?

Gari Melchers died on 1932-11-30.

What is the birth name of Theodore von Eltz?

Theodore von Eltz's birth name is Julius Theodor von Eltz.