When was Joseph Vissers born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Joseph Vissers was born in 1928.

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Q: When was Joseph Vissers born?
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When did Joseph Vissers die?

Joseph Vissers died in 2006.

When was Edward Vissers born?

Edward Vissers was born on 1912-07-04.

When did Edward Vissers die?

Edward Vissers died on 1994-04-02.

What is the meaning of the word vissers in Dutch?

A 'Visser' is a 'fisherman'. So 'Vissers' means 'Fishermen'.

What has the author Cita Vissers written?

Cita Vissers has written: 'Bons dias boas noites' 'Presente e passado' -- subject(s): History

What are the ratings and certificates for Van vissers en vissen - 1968 TV?

Van vissers en vissen - 1968 TV is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What has the author M J M Vissers written?

M. J. M. Vissers has written: 'Patterns of groundwater quality' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Aquifers, Groundwater, Environmental geochemistry, Quality, Groundwater flow

When was Will Joseph born?

Will Joseph was born in 1877.

When was Joseph Perl born?

Joseph Perles was born in 1835.

When was Joseph Holbrooke born?

Joseph Holbrook was born in 1806.

When was Joseph Park born?

Joseph Parkes was born in 1796.

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Anthony Joseph was born in 1966.