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Jorge Pardo - musician - was born in 1955.

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Q: When was Jorge Pardo - musician - born?
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When was Jorge Reyes - musician - born?

Jorge Reyes - musician - was born in 1952.

What has the author Jorge Eliecer Pardo written?

Jorge Eliecer Pardo has written: 'Primeras palabras'

What is the birth name of JD Pardo?

JD Pardo's birth name is Jorge Daniel Pardo.

What are the release dates for Impasse Jorge Pardo - 1992 TV?

Impasse Jorge Pardo - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 1994 (Houston WorldFest)

When did Jorge Reyes - musician - die?

Jorge Reyes - musician - died in 2009.

When was Tamir Pardo born?

Tamir Pardo was born in 1953.

When was Luis Pardo born?

Luis Pardo was born in 1882.

When was Abel Pardo born?

Abel Pardo was born in 1974.

When was Arvid Pardo born?

Arvid Pardo was born on February 12, 1914.

When was Don Pardo born?

Don Pardo was born on February 22, 1918.

When was Laurent Pardo born?

Laurent Pardo was born on 1961-08-16.

When was Bernard Pardo born?

Bernard Pardo was born on 1960-12-19.