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John Wheeley Lea was born in 1791.

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Q: When was John Wheeley Lea born?
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When did John Wheeley Lea die?

John Wheeley Lea died in 1874.

Who are the children of john wheeley lea of worcestershire England?

John Wheeley Lea (1791 - 1874) had 5 children (source - The Secret Sauce, A history of Lea & Perrins by Brian Keogh) Edward Lea Charles Wheeley Lea John Wheeley Lea George Lea and a daughter, name unknown Is the person who originally answered the question a family member of John Wheeley Lea? I believe I know the answer to who the unknown daughters name is. I was on the phone with my grandmother last night and she stated that her grandmother (my great great grandmother) was Betsy Lea. Betsy Lea apparently was the daughter of John Lea however refused to marry into their class which was the custom in England at the time and was disowned. She married my great great grandfather.

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