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Jim Fox - pentathlete - was born in 1941.

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Q: When was Jim Fox - pentathlete - born?
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When was Xiu Xiu - pentathlete - born?

Xiu Xiu - pentathlete - was born in 1987.

When was Igor Novikov - pentathlete - born?

Igor Novikov - pentathlete - was born in 1929.

When was Imre Nagy - pentathlete - born?

Imre Nagy - pentathlete - was born in 1933.

When was László Fábián - pentathlete - born?

László Fábián - pentathlete - was born on 1963-02-18.

When was Jim Fox - drummer - born?

Jim Fox - drummer - was born in 1947.

When did Igor Novikov - pentathlete - die?

Igor Novikov - pentathlete - died in 2007.

Can you write a sentence with word pentathlete?

Most people do not know that, before he was a US General, George S. Patton represented the USA as a pentathlete at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic games.

When did Jim fox start in modern pentathlon?

Jim Fox won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics of 1976 in the Pentathlon event.

How do you use pentathlon in a sentence?

I was a pentathlete in the Michigan pentathlon.

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