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James Isbister was born in 1833.

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Q: When was James Isbister born?
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When did James Isbister die?

James Isbister died in 1915.

When was Malcolm Isbister born?

Malcolm Isbister was born in 1850.

When was Alexander Kennedy Isbister born?

Alexander Kennedy Isbister was born in 1822.

When was Brad Isbister born?

Brad Isbister was born on 1977-05-07.

When was Bob Isbister born?

Bob Isbister was born on 1885-06-09.

When did Malcolm Isbister die?

Malcolm Isbister died in 1920.

When did Alexander Kennedy Isbister die?

Alexander Kennedy Isbister died in 1883.

When did Bob Isbister die?

Bob Isbister died on 1963-04-29.

What has the author John Isbister written?

John Isbister has written: 'Promises not kept'

What has the author Syble C Isbister written?

Syble C. Isbister has written: 'HyperStudio'

When was Van Valkenburgh-Isbister Farm created?

Van Valkenburgh-Isbister Farm was created in 1790.

What has the author R W Isbister written?

R. W. Isbister has written: 'Tales of Foula'