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James Henry Gardiner was born in 1848.

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Q: When was James Henry Gardiner born?
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When did James Henry Gardiner die?

James Henry Gardiner died in 1921.

When was Gardiner Henry Guion born?

Gardiner Henry Guion was born in 1775.

When was James Gardiner the Younger born?

James Gardiner the Younger was born in 1689.

When was James Garfield Gardiner born?

James Garfield Gardiner was born on 1883-11-30.

When was James Gardiner - British Army officer - born?

James Gardiner - British Army officer - was born in 1688.

When did Gardiner Henry Guion die?

Gardiner Henry Guion died in 1832.

When was Henry James Metcalfe born?

James Henry Metcalfe was born in 1848.

When did James Gardiner the Younger die?

James Gardiner the Younger died in 1732.

When was Henry James Forman born?

James Henry Forman was born on 1896-02-01.

When was James Henry Alesia born?

James Henry Alesia was born in 1934.

When was James Henry - poet - born?

James Henry - poet - was born in 1798.

When was James Henry Ashdown born?

James Henry Ashdown was born in 1844.