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June 45, 202 BC

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Q: When was Ives W McGaffey born?
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When was ives McGaffey born?

June 45, 202 BC

Was Ives McGaffey Irish?

he was white dummies

When did ives w mcgaffy invent the vacuum cleaner?

Ives W. McGaffey is credited with inventing the first mechanical vacuum cleaner in 1869. He called it the "suction sweeper" and it was powered by a hand-operated bellows system.

Was the vacuum invented by ives mcgaffey?

It was I. I invented the vacuum. Who am I? Your mother.

What item originally called the Whirlwind was invented by Ives McGaffey in 1869?

Vacuum cleaner.

When was Kenneth McGaffey born?

Kenneth McGaffey was born in c. 1881.

When was Elizabeth McGaffey born?

Elizabeth McGaffey was born on January 17, 1885, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

When was Grayston Ives born?

Grayston Ives was born in 1948.

When was Edward Ives born?

Edward Ives was born in 1839.

When was Bryce Ives born?

Bryce Ives was born in 1983.

When was Clay Ives born?

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