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Italian Mafia DJ was born in 1984.

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Q: When was Italian Mafia DJ born?
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Who is dj Italian sensation?

DJ Italian Sensation is a producer and DJ

Is the Mexican mafia bigger than the Italian mafia?

The Italian Mafia would surely win do to the fact that they have more fire power, more men, and are more organized. The Mexican Mafia is just basically a group of gangsters (a prison gang). So if you want to know the answer the Italian Mafia would surely win this battle. This is basically a battle between the strongest mafia (Italian Mafia) and the weakest mafia (Mexican Mafia).

What is 'Mafia' when translated from Italian to English?

"Boldness" is a possible English equivalent of the Italian word Mafia. The name remains of uncertain etymology, with possible antecedents dating back to seventeenth-century Palermo, Sicily. The pronunciation will be "MA-fya" in Italian.

What is the most deadly gang?

The mafia that originated from russia so the Russian mafia of the Italian mafia is to or the Mexican mafia

What is the best mafia family?

There is no one best it's too many best one's out there to name just one... Black Mafia Family(African American Mafia) Mexican Mafia(Not exclusevly Mexican, anyone can join) La Cosa Nostra(Italian Mafia) Russian Mafia Zion Mafia(Arabic Mafia)

Who are the members in Three 6 Mafia?

Juicy J and DJ Paul are the members in Three Six Mafia. Originally it was Juicy J, DJ Paul and Lord Infamous.

Who is the Italian mafia's enemy?

The cops

What is the most powerful world mafia?

The Russian mafia is the 2nd most powerful mafia in todays world. The Italian mafia is the most powerful mafia in the world

What is Dj Pauly D's Ethnicity?

Black and Italian

Who is stronger Russian mafia or Italian mafia?

It is difficult to determine which mafia is stronger as their operations, influence, and reach vary in different regions and industries. Both Russian and Italian mafias are powerful criminal organizations with significant influence in their respective areas.

What is 'Mafia woman' when translated from English to Italian?

Mafiosa is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Mafia woman." The feminine singular word may be used as a noun to refer to a female member of the Mafia or as an adjective to reference Mafia organizational traits in a female. The pronunciation will be "ma-FYO-sa" in Pisan Italian.

What is the stereotypical Italian mafia car?