When was Howard Earl Johnston born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Howard Earl Johnston was born in 1928.

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Q: When was Howard Earl Johnston born?
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When was Francis Earl Johnston born?

Francis Earl Johnston was born on 1871-10-01.

When was Earl Howard born?

Earl Howard was born in 1951.

When was Earl Howard - baseball - born?

Earl Howard - baseball - was born on 1896-06-25.

When and where was baseball player Earl Howard born?

Howard Earl was born February 25, 1867, in Palmyra, NY, USA.

When did Francis Earl Johnston die?

Francis Earl Johnston died on 1917-08-07.

When did Howard Earl die?

Howard Earl died on 1916-12-22.

When did Earl Howard - baseball - die?

Earl Howard - baseball - died on 1937-04-04.

What has the author Howard E Johnston written?

Howard E. Johnston has written: 'The Rockaway Valley Railroad story' -- subject(s): Rockaway Valley Railroad

When and where did baseball player Earl Howard die?

Howard Earl died December 23, 1916, in North Bay, NY, USA.

What has the author Howard Johnston written?

Howard Johnston has written: 'Quicksand Secrets' 'Learning to program' -- subject(s): Computer programming, Pascal (Computer program language)

What is the birth name of Earl Averill?

Earl Averill's birth name is Howard Earl Averill.

What has the author Earl Dean Howard written?

Earl Dean Howard has written: 'The cause and extent of the recent industrial progress of Germany'