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Henry Widdowson was born in 1935.

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Q: When was Henry Widdowson born?
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When was Tom Widdowson born?

Tom Widdowson was born in 1862.

When was Paul Widdowson born?

Paul Widdowson was born in 1974.

When was Albert Widdowson born?

Albert Widdowson was born in 1864.

When was Martin Widdowson born?

Martin Widdowson was born on 1946-05-10.

When was Sam Weller Widdowson born?

Sam Weller Widdowson was born in 1851.

When was Joe Widdowson born?

Joe Widdowson was born on 1989-03-29.

When was Fred Widdowson born?

Fred Widdowson was born on August 29, 1890, in Canada.

When did Tom Widdowson die?

Tom Widdowson died in 1944.

When was Widdowson Group created?

Widdowson Group was created in 1902.

What is Widdowson Group's population?

The population of Widdowson Group is 2,011.

What is the population of Widdowson Group?

Widdowson Group's population is 360.

When did Albert Widdowson die?

Albert Widdowson died in 1938.