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Hanns-Horst von Necker was born on 1903-08-28.

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Q: When was Hanns-Horst von Necker born?
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When did Hanns-Horst von Necker die?

Hanns-Horst von Necker died on 1979-02-27.

When was Jacques Necker born?

Jacques Necker was born on September 30, 1732.

When was Louis Albert Necker born?

Louis Albert Necker was born in 1786.

When was Albertine Necker de Saussure born?

Albertine Necker de Saussure was born in 1766.

What is Jacques Necker's birthday?

Jacques Necker was born on September 30, 1732.

How old is Jacques Necker?

Jacques Necker was born on September 30, 1732 and died on April 9, 1804. Jacques Necker would have been 71 years old at the time of death or 282 years old today.

When was Evelyn Necker created?

Evelyn Necker was created in 1992.

When did Louis Albert Necker die?

Louis Albert Necker died in 1861.

Who was Joseph Necker?

Noël Martin Joseph Necker was a Belgian physician and botanist.

When was Ignaz von Olfers born?

Ignaz von Peczely was born in 1826.

When did Jacques Necker die?

Jacques Necker died on April 9, 1804 at the age of 71.

When did Albertine Necker de Saussure die?

Albertine Necker de Saussure died in 1841.