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Halima Chehaima was born in 1988.

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Q: When was Halima Chehaima born?
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When was Halima Xudoyberdiyeva born?

Halima Xudoyberdiyeva was born in 1947.

When was Halima Hachlaf born?

Halima Hachlaf was born in 1988.

When was Halima Bashir born?

Halima Bashir was born in 1987.

When was Halima Poland born?

Halima Poland was born on 1980-12-10.

When was Halima Tayo Alao born?

Halima Tayo Alao was born on 1956-12-06.

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Where is halima rashid from?


Where does the name Halima originate?

The female name Halima has an Arabic origin. It means "gentle", "mild-mannered" or "patient".

What has the author Halima El Ghrari written?

Halima El Ghrari has written: 'The training of secondary school teachers in Morocco'

What is the meaning of the Swahili word halima?

Halima is not a Swahili word. It is an Arabic word. Halima ( حليمة ‎) is a female given name that means gentle, mild-mannered and generous. The closest Swahili word would be Halimi, he or she doesn't farm or is not a farmer.

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