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Gumby - album - was created in 1989.

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Q: When was Gumby - album - created?
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Who created the claymation character called Gumby?

Art Clokey created Gumby.

Who created gumby?

Art Clokey .

How old is the gumby toy?

52 years old .

What are the release dates for The Gumby Show - 1957 Gumby Crosses the Delaware?

The Gumby Show - 1957 Gumby Crosses the Delaware was released on: USA: 1966

What is gumby's girlfriend's name?

Gumby's girlfriend was Goo! :) She was a mermaid that's was blue!

Who first invented Gumby the cartoon?

Gumby the cartoon was invented by Art Clokey. He invented Gumby in the early 1950s after he completed his education at the University of Southern California.

Who is the green playdo man on tv?

Gumby His name is gumby and he was quite popular during the '80s

Was gumby part of the 3 stooges?

No , Gumby was never part of the comedy team of The Three Stooges .

What does it mean if some one called you gumby?

When you call someone gumby, it means that you think they are uncoordinated in a sporting sense....or you think they have a lame idea....that was gumby, you're a gumby, what a gumby thing to say.... How was your game today? was alright, but 'sam' played like a gumby. If someone was incapable of completing a task, it was because they were a gumby. The term as it is used was invented by James Bailie and Josh Grimwood in Ontario Canada approx 1997 and quickly went viral with teens all over using it as a multi-definition for something silly or uncoordinated or inept.

When was Album Album created?

Album Album was created in 1984-06.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gumby Dharma - 2006?

Gumby Dharma - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

What store can you get Gumby tee shirts in Mall of America?

try one of the minnesota stores they have in there i found gumby stuff in there