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Gisli Alfredsson was born on January 24, 1933.

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Galad Elflandsson was born in 1951.

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Gandalf Alfgeirsson was born in 0705.

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Q: When was Galad Elflandsson born?
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When was Gil-galad created?

Gil-galad was created in 1977.

Are Galad and Rand Brothers?

Rand and Galad are half-brothers through their mother Tigraine of house Mantear. Galad and Elaine are half-siblings through their father, Taringail Damondred, so don't worry, Rand and Elayne are not related.

How did Harry Potter get his wand back?

Elrond's ring Vilya was given to him by the Elven King Gil-galad, it was given to Gil-galad by its maker Celebrimbor who made it of gold and mounted a great blue stone (possibly a sapphire) on it.Galadriel's ring Nenya was given to her by the Elven King Gil-galad, it was given to Gil-galad by its maker Celebrimbor who made it of mithril and mounted a white stone (possibly a diamond) on it.Gandalf's ring Narya was given to him by Cirdan the shipwright, it was given to Cirdan by the Elven King Gil-galad, it was given to Gil-galad by its maker Celebrimbor who made it of gold and mounted a red flame stone (possibly a ruby) on it.

Who are the three elves with the rings at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring?

The three elves are Galadriel, Gil-Galad, and Cirdan. Cirdan later entrusted his ring to Gandalf.

What two groups come together to fight the evil Sauron?

They were the Elves (under their Noldorian High-King Gil-galad) and the Men (under their High-King Elendil). They formed the 'Last Alliance of Men and Elves'.

Where did the war of the last alliance take place?

There were two main battles in the War of the Last Alliance. The first was in the "Dagorlad", an area between the Dead Marshes and the Black Gate of Mordor. The second was the siege at Barad-Dur, Sauron's personal castle/tower. It was during the second battle that Elendil, Gil Galad and Anarion were killed, but during the fight, Sauron's ring was cut from his finger and taken by Isildur.

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What are the names of kings in fairy tales?

There have been many greater and lesser Elven lords by the title of "King". If I assume you refer to the "kings" of the "One Ring to rule them all" poem, that is more poetic license. Of all the Elves keeping or bearing on of the Three, only one was named 'king'. Celebrimbor, a descendant of Fëanor, did originally create the Three Rings. Nenya was given to Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien. Vilya was entrusted to Gil-galad, King of the Noldor, who gave it to Elrond. Narya was (depending on the version) either given first to Gil-galad who passed it on, or given directly to Círdan at the Grey Havens, who kept it and gave it to Gandalf upon his arrival.

What is name of Bilbo's ring?

Bilbo's (and then Frodo's) ring has no name: it is just "the One Ring", "the Ring of Power", or simply "the Ring". It is because it was not forged by the elven smiths of the Eriador, who forged the others (the three for the elven kings, the seven for the Dwarf kings and the nine for Men, and many others lesser ones). The Ring was forged by Sauron, and it had no name. And we know only the name of the three elven rings: Nenya (the Ring of Water, with a diamond, owned by Galadriel), Vilya (the Ring of Air, with a sapphire, Gil-galad, then Elrond) and Narya (the Ring of Fire, with a ruby, Cìrdan, then Gandalf).

What are the major events of the Second Age other than the Battle of Dagorlad?

There are several major events that define the Second Age. Firstly, it is the end of the period of the High-Elves. Gil-Galad's Death in the Battle of Dagorlad is essentially the moment where the last High-Elf King dies and the Silvan Elves come to power. Other major events include the forging of the Great Rings of Power, including the relationship between Celebrimbor and Sauron. Additionally, it is the age of Númenor as an independent Island-Country in the Western Sea along with Númenor's destruction when the Númenoreans attempted to go to the Undying Lands.

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