When was Frank Jimenez born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Frank Jimenez was born in 1964.

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Q: When was Frank Jimenez born?
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Who were frank j Jimenez and Raymond huges?

two guys that had a show dedicated to them on roseanne season 5

Who were frank j jimenez and Raymond hughes I saw a dedication to these men at the end of an episode of Roseanne?

Frank J Jimenez was born to Frank Jimenez and Emam Vasquez. The Michigan birth certificate for Frank shows his middle name as Joseph, but his burial record shows "Jose". Frank enlisted in the U.S. Army on February 28th 1951, and was released on February 17th 1953 and served in Korea. He later applied for disability but was denied. He worked in Los Angeles California on the tv show Roseanne as a key grip. The key grip supervises all of the grips on the show. His role was to provide camera support (e.g. mounting the camera to a dolly) and also work with the electrical department setting up lights. Frank worked on Roseanne for seasons 3 and 4. Both Frank J. Jimenez and Raymond Hughes had a show dedicated to them on Roseanne Season 5 where it reads "This episode is dedicated, with love, to the memories of Frank J. Jimenez and Raymond Hughes.'' According to a post on the website "MaybeNow" Raymond Hughes was "a Conductor and pianist, who {was} brought up in a musical family in Thomasville, Georgia, {and} has performed as chorus expert at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City for the past 17 years. Mr. Hughes got a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of South Carolina in 1993; in 1998, the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce bestowed him its Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement; and in 2001, the Brevard Music Center entitled him Distinguished Alumnus."

When did Jose F. Jimenez die?

he is not dead, he is still alive to this day

What is the birth name of Pennelope Jimenez?

Pennelope Jimenez's birth name is Pennelope Manriquez Jimenez.

When was Frank Parker born?

Frank Parker was born in 1916.

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