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Everywhere - Michelle Branch song - was created on 2001-07-17.

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Q: When was Everywhere - Michelle Branch song - created?
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Who sang the song everywhere?

Michelle Branch

When was Breathe - Michelle Branch song - created?

Breathe - Michelle Branch song - was created on 2003-11-03.

What is the name of the song in the latest Chase commercial called It goes Cause your everywhere to me and when I close my eyes it's you I see...I'm not alone?

Everywhere by Michelle Branch

What is the Chase song by a female with the last words you are not alone?

everywhere-michelle branch

What is the song for the 2009 chase commercial bank commercial?

Everywhere by Michelle Branch

What Avril Lavigne song has youre everything to me when i close my eyes its you i see in the lyrics?

That's not even Avril Lavigne. It is Michelle Branch, and the song is called Everywhere.

Name Of Song-Artist In Chase Commercial-I'm Not Alon- Is It Avril Lavigne?

Michelle Branch- Everywhere

What is the song of American pie 2 when Jim broke the lamp?

The song when Jim braks the lamp is called EVERYWHERE by Michelle branch.

Who sings the chase bank commercial song I'm not alone?

Everywhere by Michelle Branch. (I know I love it 2!)

Who sings the song I'm not alone in the latest chase bank commercial?

The song is from the Album The Spirit Room, Song: Everywhere by Michelle Branch, recorded in 2001.

Who sings the song you're not alone in the Chase commercial?

The song "Everywhere" is featured in the Chase commercial. This song was released by Michelle Branch in 2001 and was quite popular.

Who sung a song that finishes 'you'll never walk alone cause you are everywhere with me' it maybe an old song and the words 'now I'm on my own' are in it somewhere i think?

The song that finishes "you'll never walk alone cause you're everywhere to me" is a song called Everywhere. It is sung by Michelle Branch.