When was Estus Pirkle born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Estus Pirkle was born in 1930.

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Q: When was Estus Pirkle born?
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When did Estus Pirkle die?

Estus Pirkle died in 2005.

What has the author Estus W Pirkle written?

Estus W. Pirkle has written: 'Preachers in space' -- subject(s): Astronomy in the Bible 'The 1611 King James Bible' -- subject(s): Authorized, Bible, English, Evidences, authority, History, Versions 'The official biography of Percy Ray'

When was Pirkle Jones born?

Pirkle Jones was born in 1914.

When was Deon Estus born?

Deon Estus was born in 1956.

When was Ben Estus born?

Ben Estus was born on July 4, 1991, in Texas, USA.

When was Estus Hood born?

Estus Hood was born on November 14, 1955, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA.

When was Hannah Pirkle born?

June 29 1999

What is the birth name of Estus Hood?

Estus Hood's birth name is Estus Hood III.

When did Pirkle Jones die?

Pirkle Jones died in 2009.

How tall is Estus Hood?

Estus Hood is 5' 11".

How do you say roll tide in Latin?

Volvaestus estus

What has the author Joaqlin Estus written?

Joaqlin Estus has written: 'Fure's Cabin, Bay of Islands, Naknek Lake, Katmai National Park & Preserve' -- subject(s): Log cabins, Vernacular architecture