When was Elliott Avent born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Elliott Avent was born on 1956-05-01.

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Q: When was Elliott Avent born?
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When was James Avent born?

James Avent was born in 1895.

When was Anthony Avent born?

Anthony Avent was born on October 18, 1969, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA.

When was Leonard Elliott Elliott-Binns born?

Leonard Elliott Elliott-Binns was born in 1885.

What is the birth name of Anthony Avent?

Anthony Avent's birth name is Anthony Lamont Avent.

When was Will Elliott born?

Will Elliott was born in 1979.

When was Randal Elliott born?

Randal Elliott was born on 1922-10-12.

When was Anthony Elliott born?

Elliott Anthony was born in 1827.

When did James Avent die?

James Avent died in 1995.

When was Elliott Leyton born?

Elliott Leyton was born in 1939.

When was Elliott Woods born?

Elliott Woods was born in 1865.

When was Harriet Elliott born?

Harriet Elliott was born in 1884.

When was Elliott Hodgson born?

Elliott Hodgson was born in 1991.