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Elizabeth Wells Gallup was born in 1848.

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Q: When was Elizabeth Wells Gallup born?
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When was Elizabeth Wells born?

Elizabeth Wells Gallup was born in 1848.

When did Elizabeth Wells Gallup die?

Elizabeth Wells Gallup died in 1934.

What has the author Elizabeth Wells Gallup written?

Elizabeth Wells Gallup has written: 'The tragedy of Anne Boleyn' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Cipher, Drama

When was Elizabeth Anne Wells Cannon born?

Elizabeth Anne Wells Cannon was born in 1859.

When was Cliff Gallup born?

Cliff Gallup was born in 1930.

When was Albert Gallup born?

Albert Gallup was born in 1796.

When was Elizabeth Ware born?

Elizabeth Ware was born on April 14, 19??, in Mineral Wells, Texas, USA.

When was Elizabeth Goudge born?

Elizabeth Goudge was born on April 24, 1900, in Wells, Somerset, England, UK.

When was Simon Gallup born?

Simon Gallup was born on June 1, 1960.

When was Harvey A. Gallup born?

Harvey A. Gallup was born on 1869-10-16.

When was Caroline Gallup Reed born?

Caroline Gallup Reed was born in 1821.

When was Gordon G. Gallup born?

Gordon G. Gallup was born in 1941.