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Elisaveta Bagriana was born in 1893.

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Yelisaveta Bagriantseva died in 1996.

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Q: When was Elisaveta Bagriana born?
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When did Elisaveta Bagriana die?

Elisaveta Bagriana died in 1991.

Where was elisaveta bagriana born?


When was Elisaveta born?

Elisaveta was born on July 21, 1922, in Petrograd, Russian SFSR [now St. Petersburg, Russia].

What is the birth name of Elisaveta?

Elisaveta's birth name is Von Gersdorff, Elisaveta.

When did Elisaveta die?

Elisaveta died on August 23, 1992.

What nicknames does Elisaveta Shopova go by?

Elisaveta Shopova goes by Liza.

What has the author Elisaveta Novac written?

Elisaveta Novac has written: 'Casa cu greieri'

What actors and actresses appeared in Jokerfejs - 1984?

The cast of Jokerfejs - 1984 includes: Elisaveta Bertil Bertilson Peter Harryson

What movie and television projects has Elisaveta been in?

Elisaveta has: Played Donna Lucia in "Stackars lilla Sven" in 1947. Played Lucretia Carotti in "Flottans kavaljerer" in 1948. Played Vera in "Regementets ros" in 1950. Performed in "Foreign Intrigue" in 1951. Played Gafsan in "Mumindalen" in 1973. Performed in "Jokerfejs" in 1984.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nachaloto na edna vakantziya - 1966?

The cast of Nachaloto na edna vakantziya - 1966 includes: Krum Atzev as Petyo Dilyana Bachvarova as Elka Asya Barbova Rayko Bodurov as Toma Elisaveta Doneva as Elisaveta Maya Dragomanska as Maya Zheni Filipova Katya Filipova as Dobrina Stoyan Kupenov as Traycho Todor Pavlov as Trompeta Boyan Popov as Vasyo Georgi Rusev Lyudmil Tupankov as Gazdata Ivan Yanchev

What is the slavic translation for the first name Elizabeth?

The Russian form of Elizabeth is "Elizaveta", in short (pet) form "Liza", also there is an archaic form, probably not much in use after 18th century, "Elisaveta" or "Lisaveta."

What actors and actresses appeared in Orestija - 1993?

The cast of Orestija - 1993 includes: Sebastijan Horvat as himself Dusan Jovanovic as himself Ljubisa Nikodinovski Bish as himself Kiril Ristoski as himself Elisaveta Sotirova as himself Galin Stoev as himself Goran Trenchovski as himself