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Douglas Dewar was born in 1875.

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Q: When was Douglas Dewar born?
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When did Douglas Dewar die?

Douglas Dewar died in 1957.

What has the author G A B Dewar written?

G. A. B. Dewar has written: 'Sir Douglas Haig's command'

When was Andrea Dewar born?

Andrea Dewar was born in 1979.

When was Tom Dewar born?

Tom Dewar was born in 1913.

When was Helen Dewar born?

Helen Dewar was born in 1936.

When was Gregory Dewar born?

Gregory Dewar was born in 1956.

When was Henry Dewar born?

Henry Dewar was born in 1771.

When was Bill Dewar born?

Bill Dewar was born in 1967.

When was James Dewar born?

James Dewar was born on September 20, 1842.

When was Thomas Dewar Weldon born?

Thomas Dewar Weldon was born in 1896.

When was Andrew Dewar Gibb born?

Andrew Dewar Gibb was born in 1888.

When was Kenneth Dewar born?

Kenneth Dewar was born on 1879-09-21.