When was Don Bitterlich born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Don Bitterlich was born on 1954-01-05.

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Q: When was Don Bitterlich born?
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When was Eduard Bitterlich born?

Eduard Bitterlich was born in 1833.

When was Walter Bitterlich born?

Walter Bitterlich was born on 1908-02-19.

When did Eduard Bitterlich die?

Eduard Bitterlich died in 1872.

When did Walter Bitterlich die?

Walter Bitterlich died on 2008-02-09.

Does anyone know of a 1860's gunmaker named AL Legler?

Possibly- Operating out of Nashville, Tennessee, the partnership of Bitterlich & Legler was active circa 1862-1867. The firm was originally established by Bitterlich alone, and when Legler came on board they made up separate stamps for the "& Co" and "& LEGLER" marks, as opposed to scrapping the original Bitterlich stamps

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David Don was born in 1799.

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Don Webster was born in 1924.

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