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Davina Taylor was born on May 27, 1941.

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Davina - singer - was born on 1966-12-31.

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Q: When was Davina - singer - born?
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When was Davina Stephens born?

Davina Stephens was born in 1968.

When was Davina McCall born?

Davina McCall was born on October 16, 1967.

When was Davina Kumari-Baker born?

Davina Kumari-Baker was born in 1991.

When was Davina Veronica born?

Davina Veronica was born on October 20, 1978.

When was Davina Schmid born?

Davina Schmid was born on September 30, 1994.

When was Davina Craig born?

Davina Craig was born in 1913, in London, England, UK.

When was Davina Hardman born?

Davina Hardman was born on March 11, 1930, in USA.

When was Lady Davina Lewis born?

Lady Davina Lewis was born on 1977-11-19.

When was Davina Faye born?

Davina Faye was born on November 2, 1986, in Brisbane, Australia.

When was Davina Breillet born?

Davina Breillet was born on November 3, 1981, in Paris, France.

Why is davina the singer and big tone not in a relationship anymore?

The singer Davina and Big Tone are not in a relationship anymore because they had broken up. With touring and being busy as a musical artist, it was difficult for them to spend time together.

When was Davina Whitehouse born?

Davina Whitehouse was born on December 16, 1912, in London, England, UK.