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D Generation was created in 1991.

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Q: When was D Generation created?
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When was The D-Generation created?

The D-Generation was created on 1986-03-13.

When was Fragments of D-Generation created?

Fragments of D-Generation was created on 2004-05-17.

When was From Generation to Generation created?

From Generation to Generation was created in 1959.

When did D Generation end?

D Generation ended in 1999.

What is the duration of The D-Generation?

The duration of The D-Generation is 1980.0 seconds.

When did The D-Generation end?

The D-Generation ended on 1989-10-12.

When was This Generation created?

This Generation was created in 2005.

When was This Is the Generation created?

This Is the Generation was created in 2005.

When was Generation A created?

A Generation was created on 1955-01-25.

When was Generation Jets created?

Generation Jets was created on 2003-10-04.

How is f1 generation created?

The F1 generation is created by the mating of the P (parental) generation.

When was Generation - song - created?

Generation - song - was created in 1975.