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Cruz Carbajal was born on 1974-05-03.

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Q: When was Cruz Carbajal born?
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When was Michael Carbajal born?

Michael Carbajal was born on 1967-09-17.

When was Ruben Carbajal born?

Ruben Carbajal was born on 1993-02-26.

When was Antonio Carbajal born?

Antonio Carbajal was born on 1929-06-07.

When was Luis de Carbajal born?

Luis de Carbajal was born in 1531.

When was José María Jesús Carbajal born?

José María Jesús Carbajal was born in 1809.

When was Jorge Suarez Carbajal born?

Jorge Suarez Carbajal was born on 1986-03-13.

When was Lonny Carbajal born?

Lonny Carbajal was born on December 11, 1959, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When was José Carbajal - Uruguayan musician - born?

José Carbajal - Uruguayan musician - was born on 1943-12-08.

When did Lonny Carbajal die?

Lonny Carbajal's birth name is Lonny Kevin Carbajal.

What does carbajal mean in Spanish?

"Carbajal" is a surname of Spanish origin, typically derived from the name of a place or a profession.

What has the author Julio Carbajal written?

Julio Carbajal has written: 'Los grises'

What is Fuentes de Carbajal's population?

The population of Fuentes de Carbajal is 121.