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Corneille Wellens was born in 1905.

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Q: When was Corneille Wellens born?
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When was Willy Wellens born?

Willy Wellens was born in 1954.

When was Richie Wellens born?

Richie Wellens was born on March 26, 1980.

When was Paul Wellens born?

Paul Wellens was born on 1980-02-27.

When was Bart Wellens born?

Bart Wellens was born on 1978-08-10.

When was Vanya Wellens born?

Vanya Wellens was born on June 9, 1979, in Belgium.

When was Paul Wellens - cyclist - born?

Paul Wellens - cyclist - was born on 1952-06-27.

When was Pierre Corneille born?

Pierre Corneille was born on June 6, 1606.

When was Corneille Heymans born?

Corneille Heymans was born on March 28, 1892.

When was Thomas Corneille born?

Thomas Corneille was born on August 20, 1625.

When was Mark Corneille born?

Mark Corneille was born on 1986-05-31.

When was Michel Corneille the Younger born?

Michel Corneille the Younger was born in 1642.

When was Corneille - singer - born?

Corneille - singer - was born on 1977-03-24.