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Clifford Pember was born in December 1881, in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK.

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Q: When was Clifford Pember born?
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What is the birth name of Clifford Pember?

Clifford Pember's birth name is Clifford Fanshawe Pember.

When did Clifford Pember die?

Clifford Pember died in 1955.

When was Arthur Pember born?

Arthur Pember was born in 1835.

When was Francis Pember born?

Francis Pember was born in 1862.

When was Phoebe Pember born?

Phoebe Pember was born in 1823.

When was Maud Pember Reeves born?

Maud Pember Reeves was born in 1865.

When was Francis William Pember born?

Francis William Pember was born in 1862.

When was Dave Pember born?

Dave Pember was born on 1978-05-24.

When was G. H. Pember born?

G. H. Pember was born in 1837.

When was William Pember Reeves born?

William Pember Reeves was born on 1857-02-10.

When was Ron Pember born?

Ron Pember was born on April 11, 1934, in Plaistow, London, England, UK.

When and where was baseball player Dave Pember born?

Dave Pember was born May 24, 1978, in Cincinnati, OH, USA.