When was Claude Giroux born?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Claude Giroux (NHL player) is 29 years old (born January 12, 1988).

Claude Giroux (midget wrestler) is 60 years old (born July 13, 1956).

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Claude Giroux was born on January 12, 1988.

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Claude was born on October 20, 1496.

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Q: When was Claude Giroux born?
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Where was Claude Giroux born?

Claude Giroux was born in Hearst, Ontario on 01-12-88.

What is Claude Giroux's birthday?

Claude Giroux was born on January 12, 1988.

How tall is Claude Giroux?

NHL player Claude Giroux is 5'-11''.

What NHL team does Claude Giroux play for?

Claude Giroux plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.

How much does Claude Giroux weigh?

NHL player Claude Giroux weighs 172 pounds.

What is Claude Giroux's number on the Philadelphia Flyers?

Claude Giroux is number 28 on the Philadelphia Flyers.

Is claude giroux dating anyone?

I'd like to know if Claude Giroux is dating anyone now

Is Claude Giroux a ginger?


Is Claude Giroux single?

No, he is in a happy relationship.

What position does Claude Giroux play?

He plays center for the Philadelphia Flyers

When was Maxime Giroux born?

Maxime Giroux was born in 1976.

When was Roger Giroux born?

Roger Giroux was born in 1925.