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Chrisianna Puryear was born on November 18, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Q: When was Chrisianna Puryear born?
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How tall is Chrisianna Puryear?

Chrisianna Puryear is 5' 7".

What nicknames does Chrisianna Puryear go by?

Chrisianna Puryear goes by Chrissy.

When was Eugene Puryear born?

Eugene Puryear was born in 1986.

When was Martin Puryear born?

Martin Puryear was born on 1941-05-23.

When was Jordan Puryear born?

Jordan Puryear was born on June 7, 1990.

When was Richard Clauselle Puryear born?

Richard Clauselle Puryear was born in 1801.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tony Heard a Gunshot - 2006?

The cast of Tony Heard a Gunshot - 2006 includes: Rich Ceraulo as Tony Lauren Kiang as Jen Kiosha Lee as Nurse Chrisianna Puryear as Girl in Dreams

How is martin puryear important for Americans?

Martin Puryear is an African-American sculptor. Born in 1941, Puryear is still alive and has had his work featured in the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Are Michael Puryear and Martin Puryear brothers?


When did Richard Clauselle Puryear die?

Richard Clauselle Puryear died in 1867.

When was Mordecai Puryear House created?

Mordecai Puryear House was created in 1830.

What is Katie Puryear's biggest fear?

Katie Puryear's biggest fear is spiders.