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Chris Brown was discovered when i ragged him. At the age of 5. ;)

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chris brown was discover dad gas station in virgan

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Q: When was Chris Brown discovered?
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Who discovered the Jordan river?

chris brown

How long has Chris Brown sung for?

Since he was eleven , when he discovered he could sing.

What was Chris Brown doing when he got discovered?

his mom heard him singing in the shower

What is the video called that got Justin bieber discovered?

There is a video of Justin Bieber doing a cover of Chris Brown's "With You" that got him discovered.

How old was Chris Brown when he was discovered?

he was like 15 and now he is 19 actually he was discovered at 13 at a gas station his first single "run it" came out when he was 16! NOW HE IS 19! He is also famous cause he is FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

How did Chris Brown become seccesful?

He was actually discovered at a gas station. I dont know how but it was when he was about 15 or 16.

Is shannon brown and Chris Brown brothers?

No, Chris Brown and Shannon Brown are not brothers. Chris Brown does not have any brothers.

Who started Chris Brown's music?

Chris Brown started Chris Brown's music when Chris Brown became a singer.

How did Chris Brown die?

Chris Brown is not dead.

What gave Chris Brown the inspiration to sing?

Not sure. He just had a great voice and got discovered at a gas station.

Does Chris Brown have a dad?

Yes, Chris Brown has a dad. Chris Brown's dad is Clinton Brown.

Chris brown's brothers?

Chris Brown does not have a brother.