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Chellis Glendinning was born in 1947.

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Q: When was Chellis Glendinning born?
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When was John Chellis - Jack - Conner born?

John Chellis - Jack - Conner was born in 1913.

When was Victoria Glendinning born?

Victoria Glendinning was born in 1937.

When was Mark Glendinning born?

Mark Glendinning was born in 1970.

When was Al Glendinning born?

Al Glendinning was born on 1956-03-31.

When was Ross Glendinning born?

Ross Glendinning was born on 1956-09-17.

When was Simon Glendinning born?

Simon Glendinning was born on 1964-12-13.

What actors and actresses appeared in US Off the Planet - 2001?

The cast of US Off the Planet - 2001 includes: Ward Churchill as himself Chellis Glendinning as herself John Zerzan as Introduction

When was Ethel Glendinning born?

Ethel Glendinning was born in c. 1910, in Glasgow, Scotland.

When was Hone Glendinning born?

Hone Glendinning was born on August 16, 1912, in London, England, UK.

When was Ernest Glendinning born?

Ernest Glendinning was born on February 19, 1884, in Ulverston, Cumbria, England, UK.

What has the author Chellis Chasman written?

Chellis Chasman has written: 'Manual of mechanical dentistry' -- subject(s): Dentures, Dentistry

Where was Thomas Telford born?

He was born in Glendinning in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 9th August 1757