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Q: When was Charles first mentioned in laurie home explain what he had done?
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Which happens first in Charles?

Laurie does not turn around to wave goodbye to his mother.

How does Charles's behavior change during the story?

First behaves badly, then starts acting a little better.

What is a summary of 'Charles' by Shirley Jackson?

There is no such thing as one thesis in a story, there are many. Each thesis has to revolve around one theme (the theme can change through thesises). In "Charles", some of the themes are poor parenting skills, attention, change, lying, etc. Come up with your own thesis around these themes.

In the story Charles by shirley Jackson why was Charles always in trouble?

Charles is a short story written by Shirley Jackson and first published in 1948. In the story Charles as narrated by Laurie is always in trouble because Charles is an ill-mannered boy who misbehaves with his class fellows and even teachers.

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