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He was born in 1945

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When did charaka died

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Q: When was Charaka born and died?
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Who is the father of ayurvedha?


Who was the author of charaka samhita?


Who were sushrut and charaka?

Sushrut and Charaka are two famous scholars of the Ayurveda. They were the pioneers in developing this type of medical science in ancient India.

In whose court Charaka was a Physician?


Who was kanishka's physician?

Charaka, also called Caraka.

Who wrote a treatise on medicine on ancient India?

Sage Charaka

In Naruto where does charaka come from?

Chakra comes from inside the body.

Who among the following wrote a treatise on medicine in ancient India?


Which great physician adorned kanishka's court?


Who is the father of ayurveda?

Dhanwantari is considered the God of medicine.

Hyderabad hair transplantation and laser treatment?

consult CHARAKA for natural Ayurvedic treatment, secunderabad, if you are thinking of other options than surgery.

Who was the physician of Kanishka?

Charaka, sometimes spelled Caraka, born c. 300 BC was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India. He is sometimes referred to as the Father of Indian Medicine.According to Charaka's translations health and disease are not predetermined and life may be prolonged by human effort and attention to lifestyle. As per Indian heritage and science of Ayurvedic system, prevention of all types of diseases have a more prominent place than treatment, including restructuring of life style to align with the course of nature and four seasons, which will guarantee complete wellness.