When was Carys Eleri born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Carys Eleri was born in Cardiff, in Wales, UK.

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Q: When was Carys Eleri born?
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How tall is Carys Eleri?

Carys Eleri is 5' 7".

When was eleri mills the artist born?

Eleri was born in 1958

When was Eleri Siôn born?

Eleri Siôn was born in 1971.

When was Eleri Earnshaw born?

Eleri Earnshaw was born on 1985-05-17.

When was Carys Hawkins born?

Carys Hawkins was born in 1988.

When was Carys Williams born?

Carys Williams was born in Shropshire, in England, UK.

When was Carys Nia Williams born?

Carys Nia Williams was born on October 2, 1987, in Luton, England, UK.

What are some common names in Wales?

Some common welsh names.. Boys : Gareth, Dafydd , Sion , Elis , Jac , Owen , Gruffydd , Rhys Girls : Catrin , Rhiannon , Bethan , Sioned , Carys , Sara , Eleri

What is West Eleri's population?

West Eleri's population is 10,532.

What does the name eleri stand for?

It doesn't stand for anything. In Welsh legend, Eleri was the daughter of the chieftain Brychan.

When was Caroline Balderston Parry born?

Caroline Balderston Parry was born in 1945.

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