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Carl Hirschmann was born in 1980.

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Q: When was Carl Hirschmann born?
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When was Ursula Hirschmann born?

Ursula Hirschmann was born in 1913.

When was Günter Hirschmann born?

Günter Hirschmann was born on 1935-12-08.

When was Ralph F. Hirschmann born?

Ralph F. Hirschmann was born on 1922-05-06.

When did Ursula Hirschmann die?

Ursula Hirschmann died in 1991.

When did Ralph F. Hirschmann die?

Ralph F. Hirschmann died on 2009-06-20.

What has the author Klemens Hirschmann written?

Klemens Hirschmann has written: 'Beitrag zur Auswahl unpulsierter Siebbodenextraktionskolonnen'

What has the author Kris Hirschmann written?

Kris Hirschmann has written: 'Gross & Gassy Science' -- subject(s): Science Experiments

What has the author Edwin Hirschmann written?

Edwin Hirschmann has written: 'White Mutiny' -- subject(s): Administration of Justice, Ilbert Bill, Politics and government

What has the author H Hirschmann written?

H. Hirschmann has written: 'The semi-Markov process, generalizations and calculation rules for application in the analysis of systems' -- subject(s): Markov processes

What has the author Otto Hirschmann written?

Otto. Hirschmann has written: 'Verzeichnis des graphischen Werks von Hendrick Goltzius, 1558-1617' -- subject(s): Catalogs 'Hendrick Goltzius'

When was Robert Carl Sticht born?

Robert Carl Sticht was born in 1856.

When was Carl Klæth born?

Carl Klæth was born in 1887.