When was Carl Froch born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Carl Froch was born on 1977-07-02.

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Q: When was Carl Froch born?
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Where was Carl Froch born?

Carl Froch was born in Nottingham, England.

What sport is Carl Froch known for?

Carl Froch is best known as a four-time world champion professional boxer. He was voted WBN (World Boxing News) fighter of the year in 2012, and competes as a super-middleweight.

What time does Carl froch v Andre fight start?

11 uk time

What movie and television projects has Carl Froch been in?

Carl Froch has: Played himself in "A Question of Sport" in 1970. Played himself in "ESPN Friday Night Fights" in 1998. Played himself in "The Weakest Link" in 2000. Played himself in "Fight Camp 360: Inside the Super Six World Boxing Classic" in 2009. Played himself in "The Jonathan Ross Show" in 2011. Played himself in "Staredown: Ward vs. Froch" in 2011.

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When was Carl Phillips born?

Carl Phillips was born in 1959.

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