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Calvin Goddard - ballistics - was born in 1891.

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Q: When was Calvin Goddard - ballistics - born?
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When did Calvin Goddard - ballistics - die?

Calvin Goddard - ballistics - died in 1955.

Who is Father of ballistics?

the father of ballistics was Calvin Goddard

Who is the founder of modern ballistics?

Calvin Goddard.

Who is the father of ballistic?

the father of ballistics was Calvin Goddard

Who invented comparison microscope?

The comparison microscope was invented by Philip Gravelle. Gravelle was a chemist, and his comparison microscope was used to identify bullets and cartridge cases by a pioneer in ballistics, Calvin Goddard.

When was Jonathan Goddard born?

Jonathan Goddard was born in 1617.

When was Jim Goddard born?

Jim Goddard was born in 1936.

When was Arabella Goddard born?

Arabella Goddard was born in 1836.

When was Charles Goddard born?

Charles Goddard was born in 1879.

When was Josiah Goddard born?

Josiah Goddard was born in 1813.

When was Lee Goddard born?

Lee Goddard was born in 1982.

When was Arthur Goddard born?

Arthur Goddard was born in 1876.