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Briana Bononcini was born on May 5, 1982, in Astoria, Oregon, USA.

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Q: When was Briana Bononcini born?
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How tall is Briana Bononcini?

Briana Bononcini is 5' 9".

When was Giovanni Bononcini born?

Giovanni Bononcini was born on July 18, 1670.

When was Giovanni Battista Bononcini born?

Giovanni Battista Bononcini was born in 1670.

When was Antonio Maria Bononcini born?

Antonio Maria Bononcini was born in 1677.

When was Giovanni Maria Bononcini born?

Giovanni Maria Bononcini was born in 1642.

What is Giovanni Bononcini's birthday?

Giovanni Bononcini was born on July 18, 1670.

How old is Giovanni Bononcini?

Giovanni Bononcini was born on July 18, 1670 and died on July 9, 1747. Giovanni Bononcini would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 345 years old today.

When was Briana Corrigan born?

Briana Corrigan was born in 1965.

When was Briana Scott born?

Briana Scott was born in 1969.

When was Briana Waters born?

Briana Waters was born in 1976, in USA.

When did Antonio Maria Bononcini die?

Antonio Maria Bononcini died in 1726.

When did Giovanni Maria Bononcini die?

Giovanni Maria Bononcini died in 1678.