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Bokken Lasson was born in 1871.

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Q: When was Bokken Lasson born?
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When did Bokken Lasson die?

Bokken Lasson died in 1970.

When was Georg Lasson born?

Georg Lasson was born in 1862.

When was Adolf Lasson born?

Adolf Lasson was born in 1832.

When was Margrethe Lasson born?

Margrethe Lasson was born in 1659.

When was Peder Carl Lasson born?

Peder Carl Lasson was born in 1798.

When was Per Lasson born?

Per Lasson was born in 1970, in Ystad, Skne ln, Sweden.

When did Georg Lasson die?

Georg Lasson died in 1932.

When did Adolf Lasson die?

Adolf Lasson died in 1917.

When did Margrethe Lasson die?

Margrethe Lasson died in 1738.

When did Peder Carl Lasson die?

Peder Carl Lasson died in 1873.

What is La Chapelle-Lasson's population?

The population of La Chapelle-Lasson is 88.

What is the area of La Chapelle-Lasson?

The area of La Chapelle-Lasson is 15.04 square kilometers.