When was Bobby Specht born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bobby Specht was born on October 22, 1921, in Superior, Wisconsin, USA.

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Q: When was Bobby Specht born?
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What is the birth name of Bobby Specht?

Bobby Specht's birth name is Robert William Specht Jr..

When did Bobby Specht die?

Bobby Specht died on January 11, 1999, in Cathedral City, California, USA.

When was Wilhelm Specht born?

Wilhelm Specht was born in 1907.

When was Richard Specht born?

Richard Specht was born in 1870.

When was Minna Specht born?

Minna Specht was born in 1879.

When was Friedrich Specht born?

Friedrich Specht was born in 1839.

When was Raphael Specht born?

Raphael Specht was born on 1966-07-27.

When was Léonard Specht born?

Léonard Specht was born on 1954-04-16.

When was Michele Specht born?

Michele Specht was born on 1973-07-24.

When was Günther Specht born?

Günther Specht was born on 1914-11-13.

When was Eckhardt Specht born?

Eckhardt Specht was born on 1952-04-20.

When was Johann Georg Specht born?

Johann Georg Specht was born in 1720.