When was Bob Ong born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bob Ong was born in 1972-08.

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Q: When was Bob Ong born?
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Who is Bob Ong?

Bob Ong, or Roberto Ong, is the pseudonym of a contemporary Filipino author known for using conversational Filipino to create humorous and reflective depictions of Philippine life.[2][3]His actual name is unknown.* Nakakatawa ang mga libro niya pero nag rereplika/sumasalamin ito sa kultura at gawing pilipino` that's all I know about bob ong :D sorry :/

When was Benny Ong born?

Benny Ong was born in 1949.

When was Daniel Ong born?

Daniel Ong was born in 1975.

When was Remy Ong born?

Remy Ong was born in 1978.

When was Richard Ong born?

Richard Ong was born in 1966.

When was Han Ong born?

Han Ong was born in 1968.

When was Christine Ong born?

Christine Ong was born in 1988.

When was Samuel Ong born?

Samuel Ong was born in 1945.

When was Andy Ong born?

Andy Ong was born in 1970.

When was Beatrix Ong born?

Beatrix Ong was born in 1976.

When was Donna Ong born?

Donna Ong was born in 1978.