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Beriah Botfield was born in 1807.

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Q: When was Beriah Botfield born?
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When did Beriah Botfield die?

Beriah Botfield died in 1863.

When was Beriah Green born?

Beriah Green was born in 1795.

When was Beriah Palmer born?

Beriah Palmer was born in 1740.

When was Beriah Gwynfe Evans born?

Beriah Gwynfe Evans was born in 1848.

When was Beriah Magoffin born?

Beriah Magoffin was born on 1815-04-18.

What has the author Ebenezer Beriah Kelly written?

Ebenezer Beriah Kelly has written: 'Ebenezer Beriah Kelly'

When did Beriah Green die?

Beriah Green died in 1874.

When did Beriah Palmer die?

Beriah Palmer died in 1812.

When did Beriah Gwynfe Evans die?

Beriah Gwynfe Evans died in 1927.

When did Beriah Magoffin die?

Beriah Magoffin died on 1885-02-28.

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