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Baron Johann Knoop was born in 1846.

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Q: When was Baron Johann Knoop born?
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When did Baron Johann Knoop die?

Baron Johann Knoop died in 1918.

When was Baron Knoop Stradivarius created?

Baron Knoop Stradivarius was created in 1698.

When was Baron Johann von Wessenberg-Ampringen born?

Baron Johann von Wessenberg-Ampringen was born on 1773-11-28.

When was Willem Jan Knoop born?

Willem Jan Knoop was born in 1811.

When was Abe Knoop born?

Abe Knoop was born on 1963-08-28.

When was Nell Knoop born?

Nell Knoop was born on September 11, 1899, in Batavia, Indonesia.

When was Gerhard Knoop born?

Gerhard Knoop was born on November 3, 1920, in Kristiania, Norway.

When did Baron Johann von Wessenberg-Ampringen die?

Baron Johann von Wessenberg-Ampringen died on 1858-08-01.

When was Bobby Knoop born?

Bobby Knoop was born on October 18, 1938, in Sioux City, Iowa, USA.

When and where was baseball player Bobby Knoop born?

Bobby Knoop was born October 18, 1938, in Sioux City, IA, USA.

When was Carsten Knoop born?

Carsten Knoop was born in 1965, in Lnen-Brambauer, Germany.

What has the author Josef Johann Baron written?

Josef Johann Baron has written: 'Kirche zwischen Nationalismus und Kommunismus' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Church history, Communism and Christianity, History