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Baptism - Laibach album - was created in 1986.

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Q: When was Baptism - Laibach album - created?
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When was Laibach - album - created?

Laibach - album - was created on 1985-04-27.

When was Let It Be - Laibach album - created?

Let It Be - Laibach album - was created in 1988-10.

When was Baptism - Lenny Kravitz album - created?

Baptism - Lenny Kravitz album - was created in 2003.

What is Laibach?

The German name for the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Also an electronic band called Laibach from Ljubljana.

When was Baptism of Fire created?

How I know that I am undergoing Baptism of Fire?

When was Baptism for the dead created?

Baptism for the dead was created in 1840.

When was Baptism - band - created?

Baptism - band - was created in 1998.

When was The Baptism of Constantine created?

The Baptism of Constantine was created in 1524.

When was The Baptism at Savica Falls created?

The Baptism at Savica Falls was created in 1835.

When was Fire Baptism created?

Fire Baptism was created on 2000-05-13.

When was Album Album created?

Album Album was created in 1984-06.

When was The Album - Caravan album - created?

The Album - Caravan album - was created in 1980-07.