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Artashes Aleksanyan was born on July 17, 1961, in Yerevan, Armenia, USSR.

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Q: When was Artashes Aleksanyan born?
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What nicknames does Artashes Aleksanyan go by?

Artashes Aleksanyan goes by Ja Garegin Njdeh.

When was Vasily Aleksanyan born?

Vasily Aleksanyan was born in 1971.

When was Kristine Aleksanyan born?

Kristine Aleksanyan was born in 1989.

When was Artur Aleksanyan born?

Artur Aleksanyan was born in 1991.

When was Artashes Geghamyan born?

Artashes Geghamyan was born in 1949.

When was Artashes Arakelian born?

Artashes Arakelian was born in 1909.

When was Karen Aleksanyan born?

Karen Aleksanyan was born on 1980-06-17.

When was Valeri Aleksanyan born?

Valeri Aleksanyan was born on 1984-09-04.

What actors and actresses appeared in Do Not Be Afraid - 2007?

The cast of Do Not Be Afraid - 2007 includes: Artashes Aleksanyan Shant Hovhannisyan Khoren Levonyan Lusine Tovmasyan Aren Vatyan

When was Artashes Kalaydzhan born?

Artashes Kalaydzhan was born on 1971-12-28.

When was Artashes Minasian born?

Artashes Minasian was born on January 21, 1967.

What is Artashes Minasian's birthday?

Artashes Minasian was born on January 21, 1967.