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Antonio Manuel Reina was born in 1981.

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Q: When was Antonio Manuel Reina born?
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When was José Manuel Reina born?

José Manuel Reina was born on August 31, 1982.

When was Manuel Reina Rodríguez born?

Manuel Reina Rodríguez was born on 1985-04-01.

What is José Manuel Reina's birthday?

José Manuel Reina was born on August 31, 1982.

When was Manuel Antonio Matta born?

Manuel Antonio Matta was born in 1826.

When was Manuel Antonio Carreño born?

Manuel Antonio Carreño was born in 1812.

When was Manuel Antonio Acevedo born?

Manuel Antonio Acevedo was born in 1770.

Where is the goalkeeper Pepe Reina from?

He was born in Spain. José Manuel Reina Páez, aka Pepe Reina, was born August 31, 1982 in Madrid, Spain.

When was Manuel Antonio de Varona born?

Manuel Antonio Santiago Tarin was born in 1811.

When was Manuel Antonio Cardoso born?

Manuel Antonio Cardoso was born on 1983-04-07.

When was Manuel Antonio Chaves born?

Manuel Antonio Chaves was born on 1818-10-18.

When was Manuel Antonio Mesones Muro born?

Manuel Antonio Mesones Muro was born in 1862.

When was Manuel Antonio Sanclemente born?

Manuel Antonio Sanclemente was born on 1814-09-19.