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Antonio Lara de Gavilán was born in 1896.

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Q: When was Antonio Lara de Gavilán born?
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What is the birth name of Antonio de Lara?

Antonio de Lara's birth name is Antonio de Lara Gaviln.

When was Antonio de Lara born?

Antonio de Lara was born on September 22, 1896, in Jan, Spain.

What nicknames did Antonio de Lara go by?

Antonio de Lara went by Tono.

When did Antonio Lara de Gavilán die?

Antonio Lara de Gavilán died in 1978.

When did Antonio de Lara die?

Antonio de Lara died on January 4, 1978, in Madrid, Spain.

When was Tino de Lara born?

Tino de Lara was born in 1917.

When was Adelina de Lara born?

Adelina de Lara was born in 1872.

When was Manuel Tuñón de Lara born?

Manuel Tuñón de Lara was born in 1923.

When was Alonso Manrique de Lara born?

Alonso Manrique de Lara was born in 1471.

When was Juana Núñez de Lara born?

Juana Núñez de Lara was born in 1286.

When was Marita de Lara born?

Marita de Lara was born in Baltimore, in Maryland, USA.

When was Mario de Lara born?

Mario de Lara was born on June 10, 1896, in Mexico.