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Allein unter Bauern was created in 2006.

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Q: When was Allein unter Bauern created?
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When was Allein unter Schatten created?

Allein unter Schatten was created on 2004-09-27.

What are the ratings and certificates for Unter Bauern - 2009?

Unter Bauern - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:9 Singapore:NC-16

What are the ratings and certificates for Allein unter Frauen - 1991?

Allein unter Frauen - 1991 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12

When was Bauern Freund Print Shop created?

Bauern Freund Print Shop was created in 1838.

When was Bauern erfüllen den Plan created?

Bauern erfüllen den Plan was created in 1952.

When was Endlich allein created?

Endlich allein was created in 1914.

What has the author Richard Scheringer written?

Richard Scheringer has written: 'Das grosse Los unter Soldaten, Bauern und Rebellen'

What are the release dates for Unter Bauern - 2009?

Unter Bauern - 2009 was released on: Switzerland: 6 August 2009 (Locarno Film Festival) Germany: 8 October 2009 USA: 11 February 2010 (Santa Barbara International Film Festival) France: 16 June 2010 Netherlands: 30 September 2010 USA: 16 December 2011

What actors and actresses appeared in Allein unter Irren - 2014?

The cast of Allein unter Irren - 2014 includes: Thomas Bestvater as Paul Julia Bremermann as Dr. Stork Ralf David as Norbert Markus Eberl as Jerry Julius Forster as Toni Julia Hartmann as Annabelle Ludwig Trepte as Alex

What movie and television projects has Olaf Hein been in?

Olaf Hein has: Played Freier in "Sperling" in 1996. Played Tageblattmitarbeiter in "Zeit der Rache" in 2002. Played Mitarbeiter Kanzleramt in "Spiele der Macht - 11011 Berlin" in 2005. Played Sven Lohmann in "Allein unter Bauern" in 2006. Played Stasimann in "Der rote Kakadu" in 2006.

When was Allein gegen die Zeit created?

Allein gegen die Zeit was created on 2010-02-03.

When was Kenneth allein zu Haus created?

Kenneth allein zu Haus was created on 2010-05-07.